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Not a goose, yet honking :goose_honk:

Same guy as sh@bsd.network, but honkier.

sh bonked 12 Apr 2021 17:13 +0200
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Freeze, thaw and refreeze caused this icicle to look like a hummingbird!

sh honked 12 Apr 2021 16:45 +0200
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Unexpected kitty.


sh honked 12 Apr 2021 10:26 +0200
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So... windows kicked me out of a planning meeting because of a forced graphics driver update.

Luckily it works again after a forced reboot.


sh honked 11 Apr 2021 14:40 +0200
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I really don't know why I haven't invested time earlier into the notion window manager. I feel at home now (again, finally). I stopped using Ion3, after Tuomov (the original developer) stopped maintaining it and distributions started to remove it. And I was not able to compile it myself with my limited C knowledge back then.

OpenBSD has x11/ion. I tried it and it was pretty buggy as expected for a software that hasn't seen a single fix since 2009.

But there is notion, which is "not Ion", because the license forbids using the name ion for futher developments.

The code base has changed quite a bit and it handles modern software just as good(or bad) as other tiling window managers.

I've created x11/notion for OpenBSD and also upstreamed some patches and simplifications.

I don't think x11/notion will make it into 6.9, but you can use it on OpenBSD-current right now.

Upstream is very open to accept patches and simplifications. Try it and if you like the idea of static window management, let's join the force to make notion better/simpler.

I'm happy to support and answer any questions you might have towards this WM.

The notion configuration "language" is lua. While this is not everyones cake, it's very rewarding once you get a grasp of it. Copy the default config to .notion and start fiddling. Meta+/ shows the key layout. Mine is here: https://codevoid.de/h/keyboard_layout.html

And my notion configuration can be found in my dotfiles: https://fossil.codevoid.de/dotfiles/dir?ci=tip&name=.notion

If you want my look, press Super_L (Windows Key) -> Session -> Styles -> look_codevoid

If you're not on a hidpi screen, you might want smaller fonts. Edit look_codevoid.lua accordingly.

sh honked 08 Apr 2021 11:47 +0200
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Ich bräuchte noch zwei Entwickler bei mir im Team in Walldorf. Vollzeitstelle, hauptsächlich C/C++ und etwas ABAP. Die Codebasis ist alt und weit verbreitet, daher ist wenig "grüne Wiese"-Entwicklung möglich. Wer davor aber nicht zurück schreckt kann an weltweit sehr relevanten Komponenten mitentwickeln.


sh bonked 07 Apr 2021 23:19 +0200
original: bsm@social.tchncs.de
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Ich bezahle im Alltag entweder #Cash, mit #Debitkarte oder #Kreditkarte. Irgendwelche Bezahl-Apps (inkl. digitalen Währungen) konnte ich bisher gut links liegen lassen.

Wie ist das bei euch so? Wie bezahlt ihr im Alltag?

#fediverse #poll #payment #daily #followerpower #pleaseboost #retootme

  • mit Bargeld (Cash)
  • mit Debitkarte (EC)
  • mit Kreditkarte
  • mit Bezahl-App