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Things happen.

sh honked 18 Jan 2021 07:43 +0100
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Guess what, if your service works without users and passwords and emails and phone numbers, nobody can steal those things from you.

sh honked 16 Jan 2021 00:16 +0100
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A copy of doom and quake in the dotfile repository is legit, right?


sh honked 14 Jan 2021 08:25 +0100
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Is Signal somehow decetralized?

I can host my own Signal server, but it looks like it would not be able to talk to the main signal Servers... hmm.

sh honked 13 Jan 2021 19:43 +0100
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A very nice thing about kern.video.record and kern.audio.record is, that I can permanently allow access to the video and recording device in my browsers. No annoying popups anymore!

And the kern.*.record toggle is just one shortcut away.

#openbsd #webcam #microphone #browser

sh honked back 13 Jan 2021 08:30 +0100
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re: adventures in reddit moderation

re: adventures in reddit moderation

@kurtm Irony doesn't really work on the net. This can be read as "trolling and abusive behavior should go to misc@" (which it should not). ymmv.

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@uuim It's the browsers decision and mozilla is partnering with cloudflare. I don't understand. Google is using own DoH servers and I haven't figured out what Apple is using yet.

While I understand Google, I don't understand Mozilla. Instead of having DNS recorded on ISP level, it is now centralized on cloudflare.

DoT is perfectly fine because it has its own port. But DoH.... we have enough protocols on port 443 already. Or is this now going to be that one unblockable port for everything?

Maybe the new hackers home must include a CA and an outgoing mitm proxy to carve malicious (outgoing) requests out. But this disables all IoT devices that a) verify certificates b) use https c) cannot be tought to trust an inhouse CA (that would be all of them)

When I started my career it was a major offense to tunnel/work around the company firewall. Meanwhile, firewalls are useless because tunneling over ssl/443 is the defacto standard.

Is this not a major headache for network people? I'm missing a major outcry here. But maybe it's me not understanding the situation... or network people have given up

sh honked 12 Jan 2021 22:56 +0100
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Why are all the Browsers favoring DoH and DoT? I think it's the worst thing ever. Some security at the cost of privacy and control is not a good trade-off.

sh bonked 12 Jan 2021 15:51 +0100
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How NAT traversal works

How NAT traversal works


We covered a lot of ground in our post about How Tailscale Works. However, we glossed over how we can get through NATs (Network Address Translators) and connect your devices directly to each other, no matter what’s standing between them. Let’s talk about that now!

Very detailed.

#article #networking

sh honked 12 Jan 2021 15:31 +0100
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Many good web pages and also inspiration for minimal designs can be found here: https://250kb.club

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re: re: WhatsApp, Signal, messages and security

re: re: WhatsApp, Signal, messages and security

@solene Hmm, If I count people that I can't reach via email and then I count people that I can't reach via Signal, XMPP, Threema then Email is the better choice by far. ymmv.

sh honked back 12 Jan 2021 13:44 +0100
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re: WhatsApp, Signal, messages and security

re: WhatsApp, Signal, messages and security

@solene XMPP is failing on so may levels. I still have it, but I've given up on it. It's a failed protocol.

What I find interesting is DeltaChat. I connects to your mailbox and creates a DeltaChat folder. Then all the chats go in there (with some markup) and from the delta chat app it looks just like every other messenger. But as it uses email as backend, it's fully distributed by design and everybody has an account already.

You can also write people that don't have delta chat. (because it's email) but their answer will end up in your regular mailbox, except they also use the App.

Anyway, I wonder why this is not getting more love.


#deltachat #email #messenger